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Teacher training at Sobral, CE, 2018.

#CurriculumDevelopment #DiversityInclusionandBelonging

Global Social and Emotional Curriculum Development for Global Video Content. Develop the social and emotional learning curriculum for 52 episodes for Sesame Workshop that aim Syrian refugees.

Target Learner: Adult learners (parents)

and children ages 3-6 years old
Course Objective: Understand and name the feelings,

create self-regulate strategies
Format: 52 episodes (5 minutes each)

Components: Curriculum document, academic document to support curriculum  for parents and children, media approach, group discussions


#Facilitation #LearningDesign #LearningAndDevelopment #LeadershipDevelopment #DiversityInclusionandBelonging

Design and delivery people management strategy and training in diversity, equity and inclusion for for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations that increased engagement in 30%.

Target Learner: Adult learners 
Course Objective:
Build capacity in managers to be better managers, embrace diversity and increase engagement in their teams
Format: 16 hours workshop
Components: Small group discussions, reflections guides, group exercises, teaching points and discussion questions


Emotional Intelligence workshop for professionals

#CurriculumDevelopment #DiversityInclusionandBelonging

Designed and facilitated an 8-hour workshop to develop emotional intelligence in professionals

Target Learner: Adult learners 
Course Objective: Take control of your own development and develop a personal development plan to develop a skill related to emotional intelligence
Format: 8 hours workshop
Components: Pre-course assessment, small group discussions, reflections guides, group exercises


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