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School District Social and Emotional Curriculum Development

#K12 #TeacherTraining #CurriculumDevelopment #Facilitation #TrainTheTrainers

Develop social and emotional learning curriculum for Sobral, state of Ceará, Brazil, embedded into the school district curriculum for 1st to 5th graders, impacting 34,000 students and around 500 teachers and school leaders in partnership with an Institute in Brazil.

Target Learner: Adult learners
Course Objective: Maximize value, differentiate, and win your most important sales. 
Format: 1-day instructor-led training program
Components: Workshop courseware, engaging exercises, small group discussions, online tool kit, pre- and post-training assignments


Teacher training at Sobral, CE, 2018.

#CurriculumDevelopment #DiversityInclusionandBelonging

Global Social and Emotional Curriculum Development for Global Video Content. Develop the social and emotional learning curriculum for 52 episodes for Sesame Workshop that aim Syrian refugees.

Target Learner: Adult learners (parents)

and children ages 3-6 years old
Course Objective: Understand and name the feelings,

create self-regulate strategies
Format: 52 episodes (5 minutes each)

Components: Curriculum document, academic document to support curriculum  for parents and children, media approach, group discussions

Emotional Intelligence workshop for professionals

#CurriculumDevelopment #DiversityInclusionandBelonging

Designed and facilitated an 8-hour workshop to develop emotional intelligence in professionals

Target Learner: Adult learners 
Course Objective: Take control of your own development and develop a personal development plan to develop a skill related to emotional intelligence
Format: 8 hours workshop
Components: Pre-course assessment, small group discussions, reflections guides, group exercises


Social and Emotional Learning Online course for educators

#K12 #TeacherTraining #CurriculumDevelopment #Facilitation #LearningDesign #OnlineLearning #TrainTheTrainers #SocialandEmotionalLearning #LifeLongLearning

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