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Tonia Casarin

is an international speaker who inspires audiences with her talks.


She talks about Emotional Intelligence, Emotion in the Workplace, Psychological Safety and Inclusive Leadership, always mentioning her projects addressing soft skills gap and mental health issues in order to promote wellbeing, happiness, and performance.

She is a bestseller author of the children's book series “I Have Monsters in My Tummy” and published recently "Core Skills", about the skills we need to develop to be successful. 

She is an advocate for social and emotional learning, mental health and diversity, inclusion and belonging for ALL AGES.

Tonia is also a TEDx speaker in Brazil and The Netherlands, Lemann Fellow, Global Salzburg Fellow and Eisenhower Fellow.

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Developing people to be better individuals,

better professionals, 

better citizens

to build a

better world." 


Contact |  (650) 709-7656

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